Responsibility means recyclability

Delivering premium coffee, cup after cup, comes with accountability. To you, naturally and also to the world we live in. This is why Nespresso is commited to doing business reponsibly, looking for ways to make a difference wherever we can.

The last drop isn’t the last use

Every single used Nespresso coffee capsule that is recycled holds a world of possibilities. This means that its use doesn’t end with your morning cup at home and finding a second life for each capsule is an exciting journey for Nespresso

All used capsules are returned to our Warehouse where they are shredded to separate the Aluminium from the Coffee. The Aluminium is passed to a recycling company to be melted down and reused.

The recycled coffee grounds are transferred to Nespresso coffee farms in West Java, Indonesia to be mixed into compost.

Nespresso coffee farmers use the compost to grow the next generation of Nespresso coffee beans.

Recycling your used capsule is easy

Drop off your used capsules at Nespresso recycling points which you can find at Plaza Indonesia Level 1 and our Pop Up Boutiques.

We are the choices we make

Because a Nespresso cup of coffee can deliver an extraordinary experience while creating greater value for society and the environment.