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Coffee in the workplace

The hidden value of coffee in the workplace

Coffee breaks are key to enriching employee and client relationships, and Nespresso workplace coffee solutions can help transform a quick chat into a quality conversation.

During a meeting, the coffee break provides a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

13 Nespresso Coffees to suit every taste, any time of the day

Coffee with balanced and rounded taste profiles to be enjoyed as an espresso (40ml)

  • Forte

    Round and balanced
    Intensity 7

  • Leggero

    Light and refreshing
    Intensity 6

  • Finezzo

    Flowery and refreshing
    Intensity 5

  • Intenso

    Intense and bold
    Intensity 9

The Nespresso ristretto range combines intensity and character to be enjoyed at the start of the day

  • Ristretto Intenso

    Exceptionally intense and syrupy
    Intensity 12

  • Ristretto

    Full-bodied and persistent
    Intensity 9

Enjoy a decaffeinated coffee for a pure moment of pleasure any time of the day

  • Decaffeinato

    Dense and powerful
    Intensity 7

Three Nespresso coffees offering a wide range of taste profiles and intensities, developed to be enjoyed in a long cup (110ml)

  • Espresso Origin Brazil

    Sweet and satiny smooth
    Intensity 4

  • Ristretto Origin India

    Intense and spicy
    Intensity 10

  • Lungo Origin Guatemala

    Bold and silky
    Intensity 6

Enjoy a truly unique taste experience with 2 gourmet flavoured coffees

  • Espresso Vanilla

    Vanilla flavoured coffee
    Intensity 7

  • Espresso Caramel

    Caramel flavoured coffee
    Intensity 7


Customised solutions for all office venues

Our solutions are a suitable fit for a variety of workspaces – be it an office reception area, waiting room, coffee hub or staff kitchen area. Our easy-to-use machines are designed to cater all coffee preferences, from black to white coffee, and allow you to serve up to 125 cups at a touch of a button.

Worry less – we also offer easy and innovative payment options as an integral part of our offer.

Discover the full range of Nespresso Professional machines

Gemini CS223
  • Gemini CS223

    Coffee perfection for professional and frequent use

    gemini_CS220 - 01 gemini_CS220 - 02 gemini_CS220 - 03

    The Gemini CS223 machine makes it easy for your employees to prepare the perfect ristrettos, espressos and lungos, time after time, with one push of a button.

    • Double head extraction for preparing 2 coffees simultaneously
    • Create milk based coffee recipes
    • Suitable for under 30 employees
    • Trial available


  • Zenius

    A compact and stylish machine for professional use

    Zenius - 01 Zenius - 02 Zenius - 03

    The Zenius coffee machine is compact yet designed to satisfy demanding professional needs. Ease of use, high capacity, durable materials are combined to create the ultimate Nespresso coffee experience in each working environment.

    • Suitable for under 30 employees
    • Trial available



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The positive cup: our approach to sustainability

At Nespresso, we believe that each cup of coffee can not only deliver a moment of pleasure, but also restore, replenish and revive environmental resources and communities. As a company, sustainability is our way of doing business and is at the heart of everything we do.