Make a difference, one pod at a time

Every recycling effort you make creates a positive impact.
What may seem used can be the start of a whole new chapter.
Your used Nespresso capsules and grounds are given a second life, when you return them for recycling.

All used capsules will be delivered to Waste4Change, a recycling company who will process the separation between coffee grounds and used aluminum capsules. These capsules are delivered to an aluminum processing company.

The recycled coffee grounds are transferred to Nespresso coffee farms in West Java, Indonesia to be mixed into compost.

Nespresso coffee farmers use the compost to grow the next generation of Nespresso coffee beans.


We offer a free collection service to our Nespresso Professional customers, please pass used capsules to the delivery person on your next coffee delivery. Customers may also drop off their used capsules at any Nespresso Boutique.

We are the choices we make

Because a Nespresso cup of coffee can deliver an extraordinary experience while creating greater value for society and the environment.

We are the choices we make.