Coffee Quiz

Find the coffee that best
suits your taste.

Take a short quiz to discover your own Nespresso coffee experience.


1. What is your favorite cake?

Chocolate cake

Chocolate, and especially dark chocolate associated with hints of bitterness, intensity, and persistence in the mouth.


A biscuit is sweet and bready, often mixed with nuts.

Lemon cake

A lemon cake is slightly tart which helps reveal its sophisticated fruit notes.

2. Which apple do you prefer?


This apple tastes sweet and sugary, and has a soft texture.


This apple tastes sharp and acidic, and has a crisp texture.

3. Which kind of coffee flavour do you like?

I like Intense coffees

Intense coffees are mouth filling and have more of a lasting taste.

I prefer Milder Coffees

Mild coffees are gentle and lighter on the tongue.

4. For you, coffee is:

A great way to start a day

Every morning needs to start with a cup of coffee.

A moment of pleasure

An afternoon cup of coffee is a nice treat.

A little bit of both

Coffee is a good idea, no matter the time.

5. How do you like your coffee?

I like it black

The best way to appreciate the coffee's flavour is if it's drunk in its pure, black form.

I prefer it with milk

Adding milk to black coffee can add a whole new dimension, with sweet, caramel flavours.

6. What type of coffee do you most like in the morning?

I prefer a short coffee

Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (40ml).

I like a medium sized coffee

Lungo (110ml).

I like a long coffee

Americano (150ml).

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