Nespresso opens its first boutique in Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia Level 1 with an innovative new Boutique concept that offers an immersive coffee experience allowing for a deeper learning and coffee exploration together with elements that reflect Nespresso’s deep commitment to sustainability and adherence to a circular economy – one that is restorative by nature and works to minimize waste through careful design.The new experiences include:

  • A Sensorial Welcome: Upon entering the Boutique, Coffee Specialists introduce guests to the vast range of coffees in which guests can get hands-on with the coffee grounds inside a capsule, discovering the aromas and then finishing with a tasting experience.
  • Discovery at the Bar: As guests continue their journey through the Boutique, perusing the smart and easy-to-use machines and accompanying accessories, a Coffee Specialist will assist them in exploring the coffee range further. They can taste two coffees side-by-side in order to better understand their taste preferences and the full range of 25 Original coffees.
  • Atelier Table: Guests who want to expand their knowledge even further can experiment with coffee recipes and personalize their coffee experience through the different Nespresso machines. From lattes with the perfect milk foam to unique coffee creations, guests will learn how to elevate their usual coffee moments at home to the extraordinary.

In Indonesia, Nespresso is exclusively distributed by Kanmo Group