3 Common Myths About Iced Coffee

Whether you love it cold or prefer it hot, we’re here to keep things cool on all sides of the argument.

Shaken or stirred? Straight up or down? On the rocks or neat? One thing is for sure: we are never starved for choice in the beverage world. And depending on whom you ask, everyone will have an opinion about the best way to enjoy a certain drink.

In the world of coffee, it’s no different. We’ve now entered an era of iced coffee, cold-brews, pour-overs, and nitro-coffee. When trying to decide which method is best, the options can be dizzying and opinions aplenty. And we’ve found that some of the main tensions exist in the great iced coffee debate--and we’re here to debunk a few common myths surrounding our cool companion.

  1. Myth #1:Ice dilutes flavour in coffee.
  2. Myth #2:It’s reserved for the sweet tooth.
  3. Myth #3:Iced coffee is only for hot days.

When you think about your coffee routine, what comes to mind? We bet that more often than not, your Nespresso machine is used to create that perfect cup of hot coffee. But what if we told you that the same machine can take you on a journey to discover another dimension of our coffee that is just as delicious, only a bit more refreshing? That’s right, you can enjoy Nespresso on ice and unearth a new world of flavours that have been waiting for you in the capsules you already know and love.

Myth #1: Ice dilutes flavour in coffee.

We get it. Putting ice in an already prepared drink is just asking for a watered-down version of the original. But when iced coffee is done right, it’s actually the opposite--it’s really all about the right proportions. You can use any of our coffee capsules, just ensure that you measure out exact proportions of ice and milk (though milk is optional). When you do this, the flavours in the coffee are enhanced. Check out our foolproof recipes here, and for an even more elevated experience, use our specific capsules optimised for iced coffee.

Myth #2: It’s reserved for the sweet tooth.

We have nothing against frappes, affogatos, and all other ways of making coffee a bit more indulgent, but iced coffee often gets unfairly cornered into the exclusively sweet section. The truth is, iced coffee can be one of the boldest and full-bodied brews, perfectly balanced in taste and aromas.

Myth #3: Iced coffee is only for hot days

Of course it makes sense that people are drawn to cold drinks in hotter weather. The versatility of iced coffee though, allows this drink to transcend the time of day, season, and depending on whether you choose a refreshing recipe or an indulgent one, any occasion.