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The Authentic Nespresso Experience

Your Nespresso coffee is just a touch of a button away. Choose from the four main aromatic families, intense, balanced, fruity/floral or flavoured to find the coffee variety to suit your taste.

A wide range of coffees

Every bean selected for Nespresso coffees comes from fine sustainable quality crops, we call "Gourmet Coffees", for their unique aromas.


Every Nespresso intenso coffee is powerful in its own way. Made to be enjoyed in a short 25ml (Ristretto) cup or 40 ml (espresso) cup. There's Kazaar, Dharkan, Ristretto, Arpeggio, Arpeggio Decaffeinato and Roma.


There's a Nespresso espresso for everyone. A signature delight in a short 40ml (espresso) cup: Livanto, Capriccio, Volluto, Volluto Decaffeinato, Cosi, Master Origins Colombia and Master Origins Nicaragua.


It's a whole world in a cup. Nespresso Coffee Experts sourced five coffees that can be enjoyed as espressos (40ml) or a lungos (110ml) from specially selected places around the world. Each from a single country of origin, and crafted with passion by coffee farmers to reveal the character of each terroir.


Our Coffee Experts developed these blends specifically to last a bit longer, in 110ml cups. There’s one for every taste, in a long cup. Travel through the wide range of profiles, aromas and intensity.


Decaffeinated, but with the same distinct aromas, the range of Nespresso Decaffeinatos can be enjoyed at any time of day. Volluto Decaffeinato, Arpeggio Decaffeinato, Ristretto Decaffeinato and Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato.


For a special treat, these Nespresso Variations are flavoured with all natural aromas on a Livanto base. For a short pleasure in a 40ml (espresso) cup.

For each of their coffees, Nespresso select only some of the best beans in the world.

Nespresso Quality specialist, Green Coffee

A Passion for Coffee

As perfectionists, we are committed to delivering quality coffee, cup after cup.

When you are as passionate about quality coffee and sustainability as Nespresso, every step of the value chain becomes important. This is why we make sure of the sustainable quality of everything we do: from sustainably sourcing unique coffees from around the globe, to distributing them to our consumers, anywhere.

We develop every single one of our blends and single origin coffees to suit a wide array of taste preferences.

Cup Sizes

The right cup size for the right coffee experience. Every Nespresso coffee is developed for a specific cup size, so that every aroma can shine.

We have a cup for every coffee. For the right extraction, cup size is important. Too much water through too few grounds throws the flavour off balance.


25 ml


40 ml


110 ml


150 ml

In our AAA Sustainable Quality Program, we’re learning together with our farmers how to improve their farms. At the end of the day, it’s the farmers who best understand their coffee trees.

JUAN DIEGO, Nespresso AAA Manager in Costa Rica

Nespresso Coffee Intensity

How Nespresso measures intensity:

  • Body

    Coffee fullness or weight in the mouth. A coffee with body is thick and dense, whereas a light-bodied coffee is perceived as watery, fluid.

  • Bitterness

    Think of dark chocolate, baking cocoa, aspirin, chicory. Coffee is bitter.

  • Roastiness

    Perception of a coffee roast flavour, independent of the roast level.

Nespresso believes a coffee's intensity is measured by a combination of roastiness, body and bitterness, rather than by caffeine content.

The Nespresso Aromatic Notes

Depending on which aromatic note is dominant, a coffee will have a different character, regardless of intensity.

Nespresso coffees can be composed of 3 main aromatic families:


Fruity winey, Flowery


Biscuits, Cereals, Roasted


Spicy, Malted, Woody, Cocoa, Intensely roasted

How Nespresso does decaffeination

We are perfectionists, and we are committed to delivering sustainable quality coffee, cup after cup.

Thanks to the Nespresso expertise in blending and roasting, an aromatic coffee doesn't need caffeine to keep its character.

The Nespresso decaffeination methods only use natural ingredients, respect the environment and stay true to the coffee bean's original profile.