Why Less is More with Precise Portions

How our portioned capsule system decreases waste without compromising the integrity of your coffee experience.

The alarm wakes you from your sleepy haze and you saunter into the kitchen where your coffee pot awaits. You rip open the bag of coffee grounds, pour them into the filter, fill up the water, then flip the switch before going off to get ready for your day. When it’s time to have your coffee, how often do you finish the entire pot? There’s a common joke about the kitchen sink being the biggest drinker of coffee. And while it makes us chuckle as we recognise an all too familiar situation, when we really stop to think about the time, energy and resources it takes to grow as well as brew the coffee, it becomes a much more substantial issue.

When we think about the resources it takes to grow and brew coffee, we begin to think about our consumption too. image

When we think about the resources it takes to grow and brew coffee, we begin to think about our consumption too.

Here at Nespresso, we think about coffee with a wide lens; from farmers planting the first seed to you enjoying the first sip, plus everything in between and beyond. This is why we’ve created our portioned systems to be precise: the exact amount of water, coffee grounds and energy that results in the perfect portion...nothing more, and nothing less.

Do you know how the carbon footprint of your Nespresso coffee compares to the rest of your breakfast?

% carbon footprint

% carbon footprint

Source: Tamedia Publication romandes S.A. Cellule graphique, Timothee Cervi, Iconography: Nespresso

We also think about the integrity of your coffee experience; we don’t ever want to compromise taste and quality. When coffee beans or grounds are exposed to air, oxidation immediately occurs causing them to become stale. However, with our capsules, the coffee is packed within seconds it’s roasted--meaning we can guarantee you the freshest cup every single time.

And to add to the perks of our portioned systems, our aluminium capsules as well as the used coffee grounds are recyclable. This is why in the end, less is actually so much more. Less waste and more taste with a simple touch of a button.

So when it’s all said and done, let’s make sure it’s you who enjoys that cup of coffee, and not your kitchen sink.