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Infiniment Fruité

IDR 12,900

Raspberry flavoured coffee


Our piquant flavoured espresso for this festive season—the alluring raspberry flavour in artistic balance with a cereal-noted coffee blend.

Best served as
Espresso (40ml)
Raspberry flavoured coffee





Arabica Coffee Blend
Raspberry Flavoured Coffee
INFINIMENT FRUITÉ takes its inspiration from the gratifying tartness of the raspberries elegantly crowning your eye-catching patisserie. Inspired by the finesse and artistry of the maître pâtissier, Nespresso’s blenders and roasters crafted an aromatic marriage between smooth, cereal-noted Latin American and African Arabicas and the alluring raspberry flavour. Up the decadence by adding a dash of milk and bringing a soft creaminess to this festive coffee treat.

A Unique moment of shared indulgence

When Nespresso meets Pierre Hermé, a story of passion and taste begins. Combining exceptional patisserie know-how and the art of elevating coffee, to design a collection that celebrates the delightful festive season
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