Taste the Australian summer

Inspired by Australia's easy going attitude and vibrant iced-coffee culture, enjoy two cool new recipes ideal for moments of chill.

Limited Edition Coffees

  • Flat white over ice

  • Long black over ice

Served with the Australian state of mind

Taking their cue from the laid-back Australian mindset, these delicious recipes are refreshingly simple. Chill with a Long black over ice or relax with a Flat white over ice.

Flat white over ice

Sweet harmony

Roasted notes and rich aromas strikes the perfect balance with the sweetness of milk. Like a gentle breeze on a hot summer's day, Flat white over ice keeps things fresh.

The recipe

Sweet and smooth in equal measure

  • Fill your Nespresso glass with ice cubes

  • Pour 120ml of fresh milk

  • Add 25ml of Flat white over ice coffee

Long black over ice

A vibrant blend

The sharp notes and fruity aromas of Long black over ice combined for a refreshing blend. As a lighter roast, it stands alone without milk. For cool Australian twist, pour sparkling water with ice.

The recipe

A surprising ICED COFFEE

  • Fill your Nespresso glass with ice cubes

  • Pour 120ml of crisp sparkling water

  • Add 25ml of Long black over ice coffee

Dive into the Australian Summer Now

Enjoy your ICED COFFEE moments inspired by Australia today with our refreshing Limited Edition Nespresso Over Ice coffees and assortment packs.

  • Long black over ice

  • Flat white over ice

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