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Aeroccino4 Milk Frother

IDR 1,999,000

Feeling in a milky mood? Aeroccino4 milk frother is here for those who like to have choices when it comes to their coffee milk drinks. Whether you are feeling airy or silky smooth, there are four buttons to help you achieve your favourite coffee and milk recipe: Hot milk foam (airy or dense), cold milk foam and hot milk.

Plus, the handle and pouring snout make it more simple and ergonomic. On top, the Aeroccino4 is also dishwasher proof to ease cleaning. Whether you like your milk foam hot or whether you like it cold, Aeroccino4 electric milk frother has got you covered. It makes both.

Maximum capacity if preparing milk foam: 120 ml
Maximum capacity if preparing hot milk: 240 ml
Dishwasher resistant (max. 70 °C / 158° F)
Size (with base): Diameter: 18 cm, height: 21 cm
Energy saving mode: <0.1 W in standby mode


SKU: 4192-EU-SI-NE2